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Independence Day

Well, not *exactly*, but it's a title I've seen used for this type of post in the past.

I'm going through and "cleaning" up in other areas of my life so I thought I'd do it here, too. Please note that this is not due to any problems, etc., just some "summer cleaning".

That said, if anyone on my f'list would like to bail - no questions asked - now is the time. Maybe I'm boring, maybe I don't post often enough, maybe you're just tired of reading me; either way, if you want to be taken off my f'list, please ask and it will be done. Likewise, if you want me off *your* f'list.

Also, if you're out there "lurking" and want to be "officially" added, let me know; if I think we'd be good f'listers, I'll add you. As most of my posts are "Friends Only", I doubt there are many lurkers, but for the rare public posts, one never knows.

Thanks, my friends, and have a lovely day!

PS ~ If I've done it correctly, comments are screened so only I will see them.

Memorial Day

To all who have served, those who serve now, and those who love them... Your sacrifices are remembered and appreciated. Freedom isn't free, and as one who benefits from it without *truly* paying the price for it that you have paid, I salute and thank you all.

For those who have died in their service, we will not forget you. "What is remembered lives."

I'm too tired to figure it out tonight...

So. Just as I find myself becoming geeked about blogging again, there's a rumor that LJ may be going away. *That*, while being unfortunate (if true), is something with which I can deal.

Archiving all my LJ posts... not so much. Not tonight anyway. I followed a link, kindly posted by Laureth, to "How to archive". The "easy" fix is for MS Windows folks only. There's another link on that page for Mac users. Not being a programmer (and having a ten-hour workday today), this is not made of win. It talks of fun things like "Python" and "open Terminal and type [insert line of random characters that mean something only to programmers]". I will not be spending any more thought on this tonight. To quote the lady, "Tomorrah is anothah day!"

PS ~ If you're on my f'list, and *if* LJ really goes away, drop me a line about where you'll be blogging next (if you wanna). I haven't given my next blogging destination any thought yet.

Srsly WTF!?!?

Le fin

I am done with law school. Other than a few minor "wrap ups" at the internship, I am no longer a law student. My last final is done as of 8:48pm yesterday (yes, they really do give you that exact a time limit) and I believe I passed.

Now what? I'm off to grocery shop; declutter my lair; and then do whatever the hell I want, though I'm sure it's going to involve yarn and bamboo needles. And hot tea.

Nov. 8th, 2007

Sometimes you have to get something to realize how much you really don't want it. I did it! I'm *this close* to being done with law school. And the only thing I can think is, "God, I hate this so much!" I learned this year that I don't want to be a lawyer; any kind of lawyer at all. $100k, 80#, elevated cholesterol, 2 illnesses, a food intolerance, and the soul-crushing exercise of doing something I hate and I realize I'd have been happier as a cab driver, bartender, or animal rescuer.

Was it worth it? The degree was most definitely NOT worth it. The lesson that "top of the heap" is not where I want to be? Priceless. Well, almost. I do expect a refund of sorts in returning health. So there's my dirty secret. I hate it; I'm over it; I can't wait to be done with it; and I wish I'd never done it.

The things you learn.

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The Fates give, and the Fates take away

So. I'm behind in my regular posting and commenting on your posts (y'all have such cool lives!), but I hope to get caught up soon.

Last night, the Fates gave my family a great favor: My aunt (the cool one I love, not the one I hate) was diagnosed with colon cancer some months back. Her surgery was yesterday. They removed 1.5' of colon, got all the cancer, got BEAUTIFUL margins (for those fortunate enough not to be in the know, that means the area of cancer-free tissue surrounding the cancer), sewed her up without "leakage" (don't ask), and she only has to have a colostomy bag for about a month and a half, as opposed to the rest of her life! Yay!

Then the Fates took away. We've spent the better part of the day on the road, round trip to Edmore, MI (smack-dab in the middle of NOWHERE) for a funeral. My 20 year-old cousin was engaged to marry his sweetie and mother of his one-year old son a few months back. About two days pre-wedding, we're told it's cancelled. OK. Then, apparently, they spent the last six weeks arguing and Saturday he took a shotgun and blew his head off. 20 years old; one-year old child. What exactly can be said, except for what a terrible, awful tragedy and a complete waste of a young life. I'm stunned. I didn't know him that well (we're far away and not too close-knit a family) but I know his dad (my cousin) and his grandmom (my greataunt) and couldn't not be there to support them.

Anyway, I'm tired; it's hot and humid out; I'm dancing on air for my aunt and lurking on the bottom of a dark lake for my cousin. The moral of the story, if such exists: Love each other like there's no tomorrow, because there just might not be one; screw not sweating the small stuff - just flat out ignore it, it's nothing compared to the big things you could lose; and for the love of all that's good and holy, reach out to someone who cares if you're in pain - you never know, it might just solve the problem.

Love to you all.

LJ Dramaramathon

So there's apparently some huge drama on LJ over the fact that Six Apart has put the smack down on slash fic involving minors. No more Harry Potter and Severus Snape slash (who knew there was such a thing - I must be sheltered!).

In any case, from what I read (before I stopped to keep my eyes from bleeding), SA is announcing this policy change without making it a part of the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) of our user contracts. In California, it seems that you must refund money paid to customers if the T&Cs change and the customers aren't happy. The way around it? Don't make the change part of the T&Cs. I'm no expert on California consumer law, but if this is true (taking it all with a huge grain of salt), it's squicky at best.

Apparently, it doesn't matter what security level your post is (public, f'list only, special filters, or private*) if someone sees it and is offended and reports it, LJ will review it. They don't go looking for it; but only check it out if someone complains. While I'm not standing in support of child porn, etc., this does seem to be a slippery slope argument. We must protect kids, but we must also protect freedom of expression. Not an easy balancing act.

So I don't know what the real deal is, b/c there's so much drama surrounding it and LJ's response is kinda generic, but I'd suggest watching your LJ slash very carefully til it all blows over.

*How anyone else is able to view entries marked private is beyond me. Unless you've a guilty enough conscience that you report yourself, maybe?

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